The wedding day – the most important day for every woman

The wedding day is the most important day for every woman. Ever since little girls they will dream about their most special time, they will plan everything, they will know how the ceremony, the place and even the groom will look. They will always think about this pure beauty with which weddings are always associated. There are lots of flowers, everything is in white or bright colors, and everybody is happy and smiling… But the most important thing is that she will be a bride. She will walk down the aisle in her beautiful white dress with flowers in her hands and a veil in her hair and everybody will look at her and admire her incredible beauty. She will feel a very nervous and scared but it will be happy scared like when you are expecting any moment to hear some wonderful news and you have those butterflies in your stomach.

Of course, with time the vision for the weddingdream wedding will change as well as lost of details about it. Maybe the red roses will be turn to lilies, the white color will tour to cream and the groom will start to have different characteristics like education, job, well manners rather than a white horse, armor and a sword. But still the beauty and the purity of the wedding can never be lost. She will still be in the most beautiful dress in the world regardless of the fact whether it is the one she used to dream for for years or the one that she saw in the store yesterday. The bridesmaids will still be her best friends and they will be smiling and supportive all the time. Her family will be by her side, happy to see her grown-up daughter starting her own family.

All this beauty cannot be compared with anything and that’s why it is so important for the girl. She will be the center of attention and she will look prettier than ever. All the dreams about the wedding, all the plans and the hopes will finally come true and she will remember it forever.

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